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Really deep cleans !


D. Really deep cleans !


This deep cleaning option will probably take place over several days to ensure any builders/contractors have actually finished work, all the dust has settled, and it will guarantee that you start off on the right track with a new or refurbished property.


Post Building Works


We will visit your property when your builder advises that he is nearing completion to assess what needs to be done and estimate how long the cleaning will take. Any areas of concern will be discussed with the builder, so we know what he will be responsible for in terms of clearing any rubble, debris etc.


We will then send you a detailed quotation indicating exactly what will be done, the length of time we anticipate it taking and the cost to you of this. The cleaning will be charged on an hourly basis.


Once the terms have been agreed, we will give you a timetable for the cleaning program and shall keep you informed of our progress. Any defects / concerns that we find during the cleaning process can be photographed and e-mailed to you so that you can take the matter up with the contractor for rectification.


When we have ensured that your property is sparkling, we can also arrange to take delivery of any new furnishings / drapes etc you may have ordered. We can either position these ourselves and dress the rooms for you, or we can leave this for you to do on your next visit.


New Ownership


How exciting – your dream to own your property in the Alps has been realised and you are about to collect the keys! Make sure that you can enjoy your property from day 1 by getting us to give it a really good clean before you arrive.


We can visit the property once you have signed your contracts and give you a detailed quotation for the cleaning. Once everything has been finalised we will visit to clean it from top to bottom, making sure nothing is missed. Any defects / concerns that we find during the cleaning process can be photographed and e-mailed to you. Then you can decide whether to take the matter up with the agent, ask us to rectify the problem or advise us if it can be left until your next visit.


In addition we can make up the beds (using our own linen if required), present the accommodation, and even pop a casserole in the oven … ready for your very first arrival.

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